"When I got engaged, I knew I wanted my skin to be perfect for the big day. I bought one of Taylor's amazingly affordable facial packages and dutifully came once a month. Not only did my skin tone even out and my breakouts almost disappear, but she also gave me helpful tips that I could use at home. Taylor is a true gem!"

Nicole Stewart, Certified Pilates Instructor

"I have always struggled with my skin for most of my life, and it wasn't until my bi-weekly facials with Taylor that I started seeing results. AMAZING results. I needed someone willing to take the time to understand the underlying cause of my skin's issues - not just deal with its appearance - and Taylor was that person. My skin thanks you, Taylor!"

Valerie M., Owner of Maxine, Studio City

"I've had facials from well-known spas ('where the stars go'), and I can honestly say that Taylor gives a fantastic facial. From the serene atmosphere, the warm and cozy bed, and the touch of Taylor's soothing hands, I get completely lost in the experience and let all stress go. I have never had such a thorough massage during a facial. Taylor also used an incredible peel that left my skin brighter and incredibly vibrant. I am forever a loyal client!"

Icia F., Actress/Writer

"It doesn't matter whether I'm getting my brows shaped and tinted, a facial, or "the works", I always come away feeling fabulous and my skin feels even better. Strangers always stop me on the street to compliment me on my complexion. Taylor is truly gifted!"

Mirjam K., Producer

"I recently had the most wonderful pleasure of a facial treatment from Taylor in her intimate home spa. I'd never had one and was a little nervous, but my trepidation evaporated almost instantly. My sessions was fun, relaxing and made me feel like a King. That night when my wife and I went out with friends, I felt like a million bucks...and looked like it! Hey guys: I never in my wildest dreams thought I would do this, but it really makes you feel and look great. Taylor is knowledgeable and talented, and the attention to comfort and detail is incredible. It has been a month since I saw her and I still feel the effects of my treatment. Thank you Taylor for sharing your divine talents and for making me feel and look so fantastic!"

John A. Conroy, Artist

"The Woods Home Spa provides a relaxing, pampering atmosphere, not to mention glowing skin! The products and masks smell amazing, and during each treatment there is a calming hand/foot/scalp massage. Taylor caters to what your skin needs to achieve the best results!"

Kristina Rodrigues, Dancer

"Taylor is an absolute breath of fresh air and The Wood Home Spa is the highlight of my month. Not only is her attention to detail impeccable, her residence is remarkably spotless, which makes for a relaxing, care-free experience. If anybody is looking for a genuine customer client relationship that comes from a very organic place as opposed to some 'drive-thru home spa' I would recommend Taylor and The Woods Home Spa any day of the week."

Maqsood R., Insurance Agent

"Taylor 'tailors' each experience to what YOU need as an individual, not just another client. My brows and skin feel as if they want to give me a big THANK YOU after having a treatment with Taylor. She puts the word "treat" back into treatment for both the body and senses. I love her, and so does my face!"

Joy M., Business Consultant

"When some people think of facials, they envision a horrifying hour of excruciating pain. And after you leave the spa, your throbbing face is all red and blotchy. Not so at Taylor's Woods Home Spa! She is so gentle and thorough, you leave glowing and in a blissful state. She even throws in an incredible foot massage! My wife and I are huge fans and devoted clients. Thank you Taylor!"

Bill Block, Writer/Director

"The first time I went to Taylor, I immediately bought a full package because it was such an amazing experience. I have always had problems with my skin - too dry, too oily, regular breakouts- and I could never seem to get it right! Taylor took the time to listen to my concerns and tailored the facial for my specific needs. She recommended a fantastic line that I am LOVING! In the past facials have seem like a chore (burning masks, extractions, etc.), but Taylor fits in all of those necessary items in a way that is SO relaxing (her massage is AMAZING!) By far THE BEST FACIAL I'VE EVER HAD, at one of the most reasonable prices. I would suggest you make an appointment immediately, because pretty soon she's going to be so full she will be forced to raise her prices!! Can't wait to go regularly and see my face continue to shine!"

Heidi Prosser, Real Estate Agent

"For the last six or eight months I have been going to Taylor to have a facial. The first session was given to me as a gift, one that transported me to a place of good smellin', warm, inviting and professional bliss!! Taylor has made each facial after that exactly the same way. She not only makes me look beautiful, she makes me feel that way too. Because she pays attention to every detail your experience will be nothing short of perfection. She is my facial goddess!!"

Carolyn Steinbacher